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Full Europe Travel Checklist

In the fast-paced rhythm of life, it is easy to forget things, even while planning the trip you have been longing for so much! In the most inconvenient moment, you may suddenly realize that you forgot your passport at home. Annoying, right? That's why we have decided to contribute to helping you and have created this international trip checklist. Here, we have put together information based on years of positive travel experience as well as complications encountered.

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International Travel Checklist Europe Stages

For your comfort, we have structured this Europe travel checklist into stages based on what you should pay attention to during each juncture of the preparation period.

The travel checklist is just a reminder of what you need to do and how to prepare for your trip if you take your vacation seriously and want to spare your nerves while saving time and money.

Stage One: 6 Month Before The Travel

You will probably wonder why you need to start preparing so early. You might want to just take up the hot deal and make the most of it. Well, that's also a possibility, but in this case, your international travel checklist would differ from the one we've created, and you should beware of the many problems you could encounter. If you want to have a unique adventure, get the best deals on air tickets, hotels and entertainment, and save as much money as you can, follow the list:

  • Documents. Make this your first priority. Check the validity of your passport and do the preparations to get your visa well in advance, if necessary.
  • Tickets. Plane tickets are cheaper the earlier you get them. And don't forget about the hot deals you can subscribe to based on the chosen destination.
  • Days Off. If you need to take certain days off from work for the vacation, do not delay in informing this to your boss.
  • Travel Route. Think about what places you want to visit. Would you like to go on a tour, devise your own exciting adventure, or maybe have a mix of both?
  • Make Reservations. If you can book anything for your journey in advance – such as the tour, hotels or hostels, restaurants, popular tourist spots, or events – do it now. Sometimes, it's a necessity to reserve tickets in advance, like in the case of a football match or some festival. Today, you can even book tickets to museums online.
  • Transportation. It is important to plan and arrange the mode of transportation – be it car or train – that is most convenient from one spot of the tour route to another. You can look through the schedule and reserve tickets online.
  • Travel Insurance. This is another vital part of your international travel checklist. Remember, we're talking about your safety, which is the priority.

Stage Two: 1 Month Before The Vacation

  • Weather Issue. Of course, if you have the tickets in your hands, you know when you will be going. But did you think about the difference in climate there? If not, it's high time to do so and check if you have everything needed for the place you're heading to. For example, you should definitely take your raincoat, rubber boots, and a few warm sweaters to stand the constantly changing windy Scottish weather. Don't forget your sunglasses and strong sunscreen in case you're going to sunny Spain.
  • Money Issue. Contact your bank manager and check if you can use your bank card outside the country and what the exchange rate would be. Exchange some money beforehand to ensure that you have some cash on hand before you travel. It may not be easy to find a currency exchange everywhere once you reach your destination, and you may wind up wasting your time looking for one.
  • Staying Connected. Another item on your travel checklist, which is as important as your documents, is a cell phone and a SIM card. If you want to stay connected, check the unlimited international calling plans provided by your carrier, or buy such a plan from those carriers who specialize in international mobile services. Be assured that you won't regret the time spent on research as some carriers offer really good deals.

Stage Three: 7 Days Before The Trip

This is the period when you have to keep your finger on your pulse. Hence, pay extra attention to the following item:

  • Check-In. Ensure that you do online check-in for your flight. Most probably, you will receive a notification on your email in advance. Depending on the airlines you intend to travel by, online registration will be available from 2 weeks to 1 day before the flight.
  • Pack Your Suitcase. Check the onboard baggage restrictions of the airlines you will be traveling by. Don't pack your daily medication in your check-in baggage. Also, check the amount of liquids you have packed before you go.
  • Charge Your Devices. Charge all your devices and take a power bank. Check the baggage restrictions for the electronic devices you are going to take with you on board in advance and pack them accordingly.

Stage Four: 1 Hour Before You Go

Here are a few more things you need to add to your travel checklist and can easily do at the last moment:

  • Document Copies. Make copies of the documents and route and keep them in different places. You can also take a picture of them on your phone.
  • Evidences. Take a picture of your suitcase and the contents before handing it over.
  • Cancellation. Don't forget that if your flight is delayed or canceled for some reason, you can get a compensation. In case it happens to you, contact the representatives of your airlines immediately.

Your traveling abroad checklist can contain more items, especially if you are traveling with kids or pets or have any other additional issues to take care about. Here, we have given you some key points to rely on and to build your own unique trip abroad checklist.

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